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April 11, 2007

Hensarling urges support for taxpayer's bill of rights


A balanced budget, without raising taxes, is Hensarling’s third taxpayer right.

“I can balance the budget quite easily by raising your taxes, but it’s a more challenging feat to do it by reforming programs and making the tough decisions that I believe members of Congress ought to do,” Hensarling said. “A balance budget would not be a panacea, not a cure-all, but we ought to introduce a constitutional amendment that would balance the budget without raising your taxes.”

Hensarling’s final right would result in the abolition of the current tax code.

“We believe taxpayers ought to have the right to a fair and simple tax code that they can understand. As you know, we just celebrated Easter — the current tax code is about eight times longer than the Bible. It takes the Lord about 15-percent of the words to tell you how to live your life than it does for Uncle Sam to tell you how to send him money,” he said.

According to Hensarling, America’s tax code is so convoluted that even he, a former lawyer, doesn’t do his own taxes.

“I don’t do my own taxes, I can’t figure it out. I don’t feel secure in doing my own taxes,” Hensarling said. “If I can’t do it, as a guy who actually studied this in school, I’m not sure how everybody else is supposed to do their own taxes.”

Hensarling said the challenges involved in curbing out-of-control government spending, saving social security, balancing the budget and simplifying the tax code are daunting but possible.

“I believe if we can get the nation to focus on these challenges and enact a taxpayer bill of rights, we will be able to leave a far better nation for the next generation of Americans,” he said. "This is a pledge to work to balance the budget, cut wasteful Washington spending and provide further, permanent tax relief. I hope that families across Cherokee County will rally around this grassroots effort, tell their friends and families about the American Taxpayer Bill of Rights, and urge them to support the American Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”

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