Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 4, 2013

BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL: ‘Damsel in Defense’ teaches women to take back the night

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Shari Thomason has a strong message for predators who hide in dark parking lots waiting for female victims:

Find a new line of lurk.

Thomason's local company "Damsel In Defense' champions the cause of self-defense in this regard with what is designed to be a life-altering combination of training and weaponry. Word On The Street (IE: Facebook) has it that Thomason's company is one of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce's newest members.

By equipping women with the tools they need to stay safe — oftentimes saving their own lives — Thomason hopes to help them find the self-confidence they need to live in a world without fear.

"We are hearing it from customers time and again — having an item in your hand in that dark parking lot just makes the walk to your car feel safer," Thomason said on her website. "It is not a false sense of security, it’s knowing that you are better off just carrying a deterrent than you were empty handed."

Hers is a focused mission: Empower women — while simultaneously helping them accessorize with an affordable and adorable line of sophisticated and sassy items such as 7.5 Million Volt Rechargeable Mini stun guns, pepper sprays, alarms, and various other personal defense tools.

In other words, Lurkers, just because a woman likes to wear cute pink boxing gloves, it doesn't mean she can't and won't use them to punch your teeth out.

And the issue is not just about women defending themselves. Thomason's company also provides options to help defend and care for young children, such as the "Where's Yo Baby?" child tracker and keychain alarm.

"Where's Yo Baby?" keeps track of the little ones who tend to wander off on their own, leaving their mothers in a crazy blind panic.

Women from all walks of life, whether they are at home, at work, or traveling in general could always use a brush-up course in self-defense, Thomason contends. And she educates her customers in regard to crucial defensive facts as well as the tools of this particular trade — such as a stun gun.

Thomason contends many ladies have never held one and don't know where they could get one if needed,

"Our relationships with our customers and our fight against the national statistics does not end at the time of purchase," the business woman's website states.


As anyone who gets up at Dark O'Clock can attest, coffee is an essential nutrient of breakfast. Often, it IS breakfast.

As a connoisseur of espresso, coffee, tea, energy drinks, C-Monster, and even these new-fangled Aero-Shot Energy supplements, I can tell you that a strong cup of joe is oftentimes the only thing that makes it possible to think or make facial expressions in the A.M.

So here's my challenge: Find me the best cup of coffee or espresso in the city of Jacksonville.

Said beverage has to be tasty, potent (lots of caffeine), and effective in waking my sleepy self up after I drop my son off at high school.

I'm taking emailed suggestions of where to go for the best cup of Joe.  

If you email me at btinsley@jacksonvilleprogress.com, I will put your suggestion on a tallied list. In the subsequent couple of weeks I will travel around town, sampling one cup  every day.

Once I have a baseline for the most quality caffeinated drink (either coffee or espresso-related) I will proclaim a winner in this particular column.

So. If you're looking to be named Business Confidential's "Best Cup Of Coffee In Town" (I reserve the right to shorten or change this title if it seems too lame), please contact me at your earliest convenience.  

Doesn't matter if you are a convenience store, a donut store, a coffee store, or whatever. If you sell Joe to customers, I want to hear from you.

Reporter Ben Tinsley covers the business beat and writes the column Business Confidential for the Jacksonville Daily Progress. Have a business tip? Call Ben Tinsley at 903-586-2236 or email him at btinsley@jacksonvilleprogress.com.