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February 14, 2014

Racial profiling report: Sheriff's officers make 395 traffic stops

CHEROKEE COUNTY — The 2013 racial profiling statistics for traffic stops in Cherokee County were released this week.

"Racial profiling" means a law enforcement-initiated action based on a person's race, ethnicity or national origin rather than on the person's behavior or information identifying the person as being involved in a crime, according to reports.

In Cherokee County this past year, officers stopped 395 vehicles for violations. Out of these stops, 247 citations were issued, 147 arrests were made and a citation and an arrest was made in one report.

Out of the 395 traffic violation stops, 275 people were white; 66 were black; 52 were Hispanic; one was Asian; and one was Middle Eastern, the reports show.

Citations were issued in 247 reports out of the 395 stops. The report shows 169 citations issued for whites; 41 for blacks; 36 for Hispanics; and one for a person of Middle Eastern origin.

Arrests were made on 106 whites, 25 blacks, 16 Hispanic and one person of Asian origin.

In 354 instances, the statistics report that the officer stopping the driver did not know the person's race or ethnicity beforehand. Which, leaves 41 stops, where the person's race or ethnicity was known.

Out of the 395 stops, searches were conducted 150 times, and searches were consented to 66 times, documents show.

Twenty-eight of the searches were conducted with probable cause. Of the 28 searches, 20 of them involved whites, four blacks and four Hispanics.

"It is my hope that the findings provided in this report will serve as evidence that the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department continues to strive towards the goal of maintaining strong relations with the community," Campbell said in a letter attached to the report.

The report was presented to the county commissioners Monday during its regular meeting.

In 2010, Cherokee County included a total population of 50,845. Of the population, 36,450 were recorded as white, 7,498 black, 10,499 Hispanic, 237 Asian, 342 American Indian/Alaska native, nine Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 5,207 other, and 1,102 people identified as two or more ethnicities.

Senate Bill 1074 of the 77th Legislature established requirements in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. All deputies are required to complete a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education training and education on racial profiling.


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