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February 14, 2014

JPD makes 2,447 stops for violations in 2013

JACKSONVILLE — Jacksonville Chief of Police Reece Daniel presented the city council with an annual racial profiling report Tuesday.

The report includes statistics of race and ethnicity of those stopped by Jacksonville officers in 2013.

According to the report, officers stopped 2,447 people this past year. Of the 2,447 people stopped, 1,181 were white, 737 Hispanic, 516 black, 10 Asian and three Middle Eastern.

There were 2,179 citations issued, and 268 of the citations were coupled with arrests. Officers reported knowing the race or ethnicity of the person 455 times out of the 2,447 stops.

The report shows that white violators were stopped 48.2 percent of the total traffic stops, and Hispanics were stopped 30.1 percent of the time. Blacks were stopped 21.1 percent, the report shows.

Searches were conducted 176 times, and 103 of the searches were consented, the report states.

Daniel said since the last legislative session, the racial category of Middle Eastern was added, therefore Jacksonville added it to the categories, as well. Officers stopped three Middle Eastern people in 2013, however no citations or arrests were made in those stops.

No formal complaints were filed or investigated against any Jacksonville officer charging them with racial profiling in 2013, according to an attached letter by Daniel.

Law enforcement agencies are required to report racial statistics to ensure fair treatment of all citizens.q

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