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February 18, 2013

BUSINESS: How Sweet It Is

A relatively new advertising technique harnesses the power of the sweet tooth

JACKSONVILLE — Ads on the side of donut boxes? Sweet!

This relatively new promotional tool designed for high-traffic office areas is  leaving customers with a great taste in their mouths.

Such boxes are dispensed locally by businesses such as Jacksonville Donut, where owner Richard Toch is enjoying seeing how people react to the new advertising technique.

"It's really new for me — but a lot of people are noticing," said Toch.

With the hundreds of donuts Toch and his wife Lisa sell in a week, that's a lot of ads getting around town.

Experts say an advertising venue such as a donut box is an ideal mobile unit that can reach banks, charities, churches, credit unions, rental agencies, freight and shipping companies, insurance and mortgage companies and even staffing and pharmaceutical companies.

Toch, who has owned the shop for about 12 years, has been using the boxes for about a year now.

They are pre-printed, with designs that cover all types of occupations, businesses and holidays. Some of them are designed to hold various business cards. Producers can modify them according to need.

The company First Arrow LLC announced in March 2012 it was in the process of sending out 500,000 boxes expected to get in front of nearly 5 million people. The boxes were distributed throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

The advertisements and coupons on the boxes were sent to independent donut shops, such as Jacksonville Donut.  Advertisers included such heavy hitters as Popeyes, Six Flags and Cici's Pizza, according to the website http://www.prlog.org.

Toch, 55, who has been married to his 38-year-old wife for about four years, says customers have the choice between the more traditional plain box or the box with ads.

"Some people say 'no,' but most of them like it," he said.

Toch is just the middleman in this particular equation. He said these boxes were distributed to this shop by Dawn Food Products of Garland.

A Dawn representative could not immediately be reached to comment Wednesday, but an issued statement by Jennifer Wurzer, leader of the Dawn website team, states that the company is constantly looking for ways to evolve.

“We are committed to keeping the site dynamic and fresh, so that it will provide ideas and inspiration for our customers’ bakeries each time they visit," Wurzer said in the release.

Furthermore,  the mission statement on the Dawn website says, "We understand that the market is changing faster than ever, and that we all need to be more nimble and innovative to keep up with consumers’ needs."

That's an idea you can really sink your teeth into.

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