Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

May 17, 2013

Jacksonville, Alto hold 'Clean Up Day' Saturday

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Is it possible to Spring Clean a city? It very well might be. Jacksonville's been trying its best for the better half of a decade.

Jacksonville's particular brand of seasonal housekeeping – alternatively known as “Clean Up Day” and “Clean-Up Jacksonville” – is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Spring Cleaning, in modern parlance, is the act of cleaning a house during springtime. (Or, alternatively, getting one's affairs in order prior to an audit or inspection.)  

It's a popular concept – one that apparently translates from individual homes to entire towns. It is embraced not just in Jacksonville but also Alto, which will hold a similar event on Saturday. Rusk held its own event two days in April.

The central task during all such occasions: Driving to a city-appointed location and disposing of excess trash and clutter.

City Manager Mo Raissi said city officials will evaluate the results of this year's Clean-Up Day after the fact to determine if another is needed in the immediate future.

“We're doing this for our citizens, and we want to make sure a second day for them is warranted,” he said. “It all will depend on the response this year.”

Will Cole, the city's director of public works, said the next Clean Up Day will be determined by the amount of incoming trash and items.

“We go by the load to kind of get the feel of how much is out there,” Cole said. “If it's a lot, we try to schedule another one sooner. If it's a light load, we kind of stretch it out.”

Items that will be accepted at Jacksonville's landfill include:

• Tree limbs and yard debris.

• Lawn mowers with all gas and oil removed from tanks and engines.

• Paint cans if paint is dry.

• Old carpet.

• One television per vehicle.

The Jacksonville clean-up applies to residential products only. No commercial products. Or chemicals at any location,

Residents of Jack-sonville are allowed to dispense with “nine yards,” or three pickup loads, at the city landfill on Heath Lane.  Anything over that amount will be charged the regular gate price.

 Drop-off locations include:

• 303 Tena Street.

• Crim Park on Myrtle Drive.

• Stacy D. Hunter Recreation Center at 903 Peeples Street. Special Note: Certain recyclables will be accepted at the reaction center at 903 Peeples Street: Appli-ances, batteries, e-waste, metal by STS Electronic Recycling Inc. and used oil by Cardinal Health and Safety Clean.

• Huttash Paint & Body Shop at 924 W. Rusk St.

• Champs at 329 S. Bolton.

• The City Landfill at Heath Ln.

In Alto, the Allied Waste Dumpster will be located at "The Water Tower" on Rusk Road from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to a notice distributed by the city.

Brush and yard waste, bulky items, household items, furniture, paper, and cardboard trash items all will be accepted during the Alto event.

What will NOT be accepted is rubber tires (unless you pay to dispose of each one) oil, oil filters, various other liquids and household garage.

Paint will be accepted and disposed of in Alto if it is located in enclosed containers.

Alto residents must bring a water or utility bill for proof of address.

To inquire about the Jacksonville event, contact the city of Jacksonville Public Works Department at 903-589-3510 or Allied Waste Services at 903-586-1449.

Alto City Hall can be reached at 936-858-4711.