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May 20, 2013

BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL: In a world that seems to be burning down as we speak, Jacksonville's list of significant downtown fires isn't overwhelming. Plus, eat out locally and don't flush oil down the drain

JACKSONVILLE — So it appears that fire is good for business – MY business.

I truly appreciate the help several residents have given me as I continue to update our list of significant downtown fires. We are keeping that list organic, open and welcome for comment – much in the spirit of a “Living Will.” Minus the pageantry.

Debbie Griffin, for instance, wrote in on May 8, drawing on the contents of her memory palace and clarifying some key dates.

Griffin referenced the former A&P fire, which she contends  would have happened between 1957 and 1960.

Additionally, she recalled Liberty Hotel burning in 1972 as the final pages of the Centennial book were going to press.

“I am sure you can find a copy of that book in the library,” Griffin suggested. “On the very last page of the book there is a block of info regarding that fire.”

There was, of course, the Murphy Furniture fire around  1973 or 1974. Griffin said she was attending “junior high” at the time at the former High School on Neches Street where Texas National Bank, Edward Jones, Telephone Directories, and Lupe’s are now.

“I recall watching the plume of smoke go up – as does a former classmate,” Griffin said. “Not on your list, but very memorable in my mind is a considerable fire at Texas Basket. This would have been in the very early 80’s. Fortunately for J'ville, it did not put them out of business.”


I submit to you … The Strawberry Pancake Muffin with Maple Syrup as concocted by Phoenix Square Deli & Coffee Shop in early May. Hmmm …

Also, there's this delicious red beans and rice dish with beef sausage.



While I'm sure you've already read and heard about Jacksonville's Clean Up Day (alternately known as “Clean-Up Jacksonville”) from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. today, May 18, a reminder never hurts.

So here's the scoop: This is for residential products only. No commercial stuff. And no commercial products. No chemicals at any location,

City residents are allowed nine yards, or three  pickup loads, at the landfill. Anything over nine yards will be charged the regular gate price. Items accepted at landfill include: Tree limbs and yard debris. Lawn mowers allowed with all gas and oil removed from tanks and engines. Paint cans if paint is dry. Old Carpet. One television per vehicle. Drop-off locations include 303 Tena Street, Crim Park-Myrtle Drive, 903 Peeples Street, 924 W. Rusk St, 329 S. Bolton, and the city landfill at Heath Ln. Certain recyclables will be accepted at the reaction center at 903 Peeples Street: Appliances, batteries, e-waste., metal by STS Electronic Recycling Inc. and used oil by Cardinal Health and Safety Clean.

OIL talk to you later!

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