Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

September 9, 2013

Football fight not J’ville students

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

PALESTINE —  Area residents – including more than a few rambunctious youngsters – packed into Palestine High School's Wildcat Stadium Thursday night to watch the home team clinch a 56 to 35 point victory against the Jackson-ville Indians.

The energy and enthusiasm in the Thursday night air led to some innocent (mostly playful) roughhousing and a bit of goofing around on the part of the teenagers. The end result was mostly hurt pride as well as a few cuts, scrapes and bruises.

But there was one serious physical confrontation – a fist fight between two young students that was mistaken by some as a group fight between students from Jackson-ville High School and Palestine High School.

Palestine Police Lt. James Muniz clarified Friday that this perception was incorrect – no such melee occurred.

“There was no group involved,” the lieutenant said.  “The only fight that took place was a Palestine kid who hit another Palestine kid and the mother of one of them got involved to save her son – who was smaller.”

The only two people actually fighting were the two teens, the lieutenant said.

A few others got involved pulling the mother back out of the fray and pulling one of the students away to safety.

“The police got there and escorted, I believe, three people out,” the lieutenant  said. “I believe one of them might have been arrested. One of the boys who was involved, a juvenile, was released to his parents.”

A Jacksonville Daily Progress reporter witnessed that juvenile being released to his parents from the back of a squad car Thursday evening.

Incidentally, the Jacksonville Indians (0-2) will next play host to Gilmer.

The Palestine Wildcats (2-0), will travel to Mansfield-Summit. Both of those contests will be played Friday night.