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July 22, 2013

BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL: Professional pride and accomplishments in Cherokee County is spelled M-C-C-O-W-N

Jo Anne Embleton
Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce's “Wall Of Fame” is a very select location — a  virtual, ever-present bullseye of accomplishment — for the city's business community.

Its spaces are allotted to those excellence-minded individuals who have gone to extraordinary lengths to accomplish their athletic goals. Along the way these fine individuals have earned a very special level of respect from friends, family and fans.

Bearing this criteria in mind, it's not that difficult to understand why the three, hard-charging, McCown brothers of Jacksonville received their own “Wall Of Fame” accolade earlier this month.

The honor was awarded to the trio during one of the Chamber's "Business After Hours" events at the Jacksonville Title Company.

These McCown brothers definitely are products of their home town. Along with their sister, Amy, they attended Jacksonville ISD schools and graduated from Jacksonville High School.

The brothers include:

• Randy McCown, the oldest of the brothers. He attended Texas A&M University and is a former Texas A&M quarterback.

Randy McCown is famous among those circles for for his very emotional win over A&M rival the University of Texas in 1999.  

This much-needed and much-appreciated win came at one of the most emotional spots of Aggie history — the horrible bonfire collapse, which took 12 lives during the bonfire's construction.

The collapse took place days before A&M's 20-16 win against the Longhorns.  

After the fantastic victory, Randy offered comments that seemed to sum up the positives of the situation:  “There was a lot of emotion and then to top it off, my last pass at Kyle Field is caught for a touchdown.  That's tough to top.”

Randy also was starting quarterback in 1998 when the Aggies beat No. 2 ranked Nebraska.  (It was part of a 10 game winning streak that propelled A & M to the Big 12 Championship game.)

• Then there is brother Josh McCown, who played for the Arizona Cardinals and pulled off “the play of a lifetime” (how many of us get to say THAT?) during a game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The stakes were high during that game: The Cardinals came into the game at 9-6 needing a win over the 3-12 Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC North Division and qualify for the playoffs.  

A loss, and the Packers would win the NFC North, and the Vikings would have missed the playoffs after starting the season 6-0.

Josh — throwing the last pass of the game — pulled off the aforementioned “play of a lifetime.” Arizona stunned Minnesota by winning the game and keeping the Vikings out of the NFC North Division playoffs.

One of the highlights in Josh's career has to be when the Chicago Bears started him at quarterback one Christmas (a Sunday night) against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

Josh also played in the NFL's first regular-season game outside the United States in Mexico City.  This game was televised and viewed by over 100,000 fans in the stands.

• And lastly, there is brother Luke McCown, who played college football for the La. Tech Bulldogs and was cheered on by sister, Amy while they were both attending La. Tech.  

Incidentally, Luke kept up a regular family tradition when he recently was elected to the La. Tech's Hall of Fame.

To begin his professional career in football, Luke was drafted by Cleveland Browns in the fourth round of the 2004 NFL draft.  He went on to start in four games for Cleveland, reports show.

After moving to Tampa Bay, Luke led Tampa Bay to victory over the New Orleans Saints. He then started the games with 15 consecutive completions and passed for over 300 yards.

Luke has played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,  the Atlanta Falcons, the  New Orleans Saints, and the Cleveland Browns. He is now with the Saints.

There is, apparently,much athletic and inspirational excellence in this one particular family. Congratulations to the three of them.

Local artist selected to show in Dallas


Local artist, Arthur Sekula, has been selected to participate in the New Texas Talent exhibition. Craighhead Green Gallery in Dallas will host the exhibit Aug. 10- 31. “Exit Suit” and “Gifts” are watercolors by Mr. Sekula and chosen for the show. The public is invited to view more of Sekula’s work at his Jacksonville gallery on 421 S. Main St. or online at www.arthursekula.com.

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