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May 2, 2013

JHS Honors Review coming up

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — By Jo Anne Embleton


It’s one of the most highly anticipated events at Jacksonville High School, in which students nominate, then ultimately elect, class favorites.

It is the JHS Honors Review.

“We've done it every year – it used to be called the 'Annual Preview,'” explained JHS Student Council advisor Lee Traylor. “We have big awards ceremonies every year, and with this one, (nominees) are chosen by their peers.”

The ceremony kicks off 3 p.m. Sunday at the high school auditorium, when finalists – and the student body and their families – learn who was elected winner of two dozen different categories.

It's the first time the event – for which tickets will be sold for $5 per person – will be held on a Sunday, Traylor said.

“We thought more people would be available to come on an afternoon, as opposed to an evening (event),” he said. “It's gone well in the past, and we're changing a few little things, but we expect it to go well. It's just a fun event.”

Finalists include:

Freshman Class Favorite (Boy) – Evan Murphy, Austin Nelson, Swanson Traylor;

Freshman Class Favorite (Girl) – Kimberly Cruz, Abby Traylor, Alyssa Villanueva;

Sophomore Class Favorite (Boy) – Josh Ambroson, Cameron Brown, Jeremy McAnally;

Sophomore Class Favorite (Girl) – Sarah Hancok, Parastoo Nikravesh, Ana B. Rodriguez;

Junior Class Favorite (Boy) – Jeston Calderon, Pedro Mireles, Trent Sansom;

Junior Class Favorite (Girl) – Fallon Dowling, Mayra Martinez, Rachel Stirneman;

Senior Class Favorite (Boy) – Lex Ticer;

Senior Class Favorite (Girl) – Morgan Shreve;

Most Talented Boy – John Buckingham, James Burns, Jorge Cruz;

Most Talented Girl – Selena Perez, Sarah Raissi, Stacey Salazar;

Most Likely to Succeed (Boy) – Nicholas Ornick, Nathan Stirneman, Londedric Taylor;

Most Likely to Succeed (Girl) – Patricia Berrera, Angelica Gomez, Suzi McCuistion;

Most Athletic Boy – Dadrian Franklin;

Most Athletic Girl – Alanna Jeffcoat;

Mr. Sunshine – P.J. Mandujano, Junior Martinez, Dillon Rodriguez;

Miss Sunshine – Jessika Alvarez, Kelly Cook, Lacy Whiteley;

Mr. Spirit – Ryan Travis;

Miss Spirit – Brittany Baxter;

Campus Cutie– Jessica Hines;

Campus Beau – Eric Becerra;

Most Handsome – Trevor Ewalt, Jonathan Gonzalez, Mustafa Ziedan;

Most Beautiful – Christina Belk, Shelbi Laney, Angela Mecillas;

Mr. JHS – Garrett Bonner, Ezekiel Edwards, Javon Johnson; and

Miss JHS – D’Anna Arredondo, Sonia Loyola, Kevie Mathis.