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May 21, 2013

Coming Saturday: House Of Israel: Who is Robert Fox? Can Richard McLaren tell us?

JACKSONVILLE — Convicted criminal.  Potential terrorist. God-fearing minister. Child of the House of Israel. Member of the Republic of Texas. A living legend in the Patriot community. A dupe – the type of person you should ignore.

Who is Robert Fox? Everyone seems to have a  differing opinion.

Convicted and sentenced to one year state jail for tampering with a government document, Fox said he awaits deportation to Canada after his one-year sentence is concluded. He believes he is in the process of being "murdered."

At the behest of several readers, one of whom implored, "Do what you can for Robert Fox," Jacksonville Daily Progress reporter Ben Tinsley traveled to where the prisoner is being held, the Bradshaw State Jail Facility in Rusk County, to interview him and get answers.

Digging further into the issue, Tinsley then traveled eight hours to the Clements Unit in Amarillo to question the person probably most familiar with the Republic of Texas separatist movement – its self-styled ambassador Richard Mc-Laren.

McLaren currently is serving the 16th year of a 99-year sentence for the part he played in a 1997 standoff with state and local authorities in the Davis Mountains after he and his followers kidnapped two neighbors at gunpoint.

Robert Fox's state jail facility interview was conducted with the prisoner inside a booth with a thick glass window separating interviewer and interviewee.

Conversely, the McLaren interview was conducted with interviewer and interviewee at a table, seated face to face, no barriers, with a guard next o them on immediate standby.

Follow Tinsley in Saturday's Jacksonville Daily Progress, as he explores the House of Israel, the Republic of Texas, Fox's state of mind, and his expectations for the future.

McLaren, meanwhile, offers insight into the evolution of the Republic of Texas separatist movement as a whole – at the same time validating, at least from his perspective, Fox's position in the group.

Included  are candid conversations with the Jacksonville Police and various others close to Fox.

Who is Robert Fox? The answers might surprise you.

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