Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

October 1, 2012

County Democrats open new headquarters

Faith Harper
Jacksonville Daily Progress


About 40 Democrats gathered in their new campaign headquarters to congregate and dedicate their new building.

The location, at 401 S. Main St., is a temporary site where the party can gather, plan, distribute literature and watch election results, party leaders said. The group does not plan to start or maintain a permanent headquarters.

“This is dedication of our new headquarters, this is beacon of hope right here,” said John Ross, chairman of the Cherokee County Democratic Club. “People said they didn't think there were this many Democrats in Cherokee County, well folks, there are a lot more Democrats in Cherokee County than this.”

Ross talked to the group about hope and not giving up, and said just because all of the state-wide officials have been Republicans over the last 20 years, the party is not wasting its time.

“The population change is moving in our direction, but that's no reason to sit on our hands and wait, and being down is no reason to give up,” he said. “Republicans went for 90 years without electing a state-wide official, and they didn't give up.”

He said in general, the party receives 95 percent of the African-American vote, two-thirds of the Hispanic vote and 20 percent of the Caucasian vote

“Republicans will win most of the races this time, not all of them, but every year they are going to win fewer,” he said. “The next census in 2020, Hispanics will out number Anglos and the Republican party will be back where it was 90 years without winning any seats. The trend of the population is on our side we need to keep ourselves going and fight. The democrats can elect a district attorney right here and I think if we can get the word out, we could win the U.S. Senate race.”

The group also heard from District Attorney Elmer Beckworth.

“I'm the only contested Democrat,” he said. “With Craig (Caldwell) retiring there are only about five of us left, and I'm the only contested one. The Republicans are going to be after me because I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I also have the most experience in the race, the best record and I'm going to need your help.”