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September 3, 2013

BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL: New local business invites customers in for a blast from the past

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Interested in taking a trip to the newly-opened “Hippie World?”  


Hippie World, 202 East Woodrow Street, is designed to provide Cherokee County residents with all the tye-dye shirts and skirts, African beads and eclectic art items they will ever need. The store is located next to the Holcomb candy company.

According to a post on pandahi.com, Hippie World is designed to become Chero-kee County's go-to place for “all hippie clothing” and related items for customers of all ages – women and men, adults,  and children alike.

“Hippie World – peace and love! Ask for J.E.,” the post reads.

J.E., who runs the place, said there is an unexpected depth to his 5,000 square foot store.

An estimated 4,000 square feet of it is titled “The Cosmic Church” and will be be used for “B.Y.O.B” music concerts on Friday nights.

The store opened in early August, according to the pandahi.com post. Much of it is still under organization.

 J.E., who is referred to by his initials rather than his full name, said the store also will provide a fantastic display venue for aspiring artists.

“I will be putting in all types of art and artist works on consignment,” he wrote on www.pandahi.com. “I am looking for tons of artists – from painting to sculpture. Anything that is original art.”

The post places an additional and very specific emphasis on the “original” art designation. No craft items will be welcome, J.E. says.

Anyone interested is invited to call J.E. 936-369-4117. Should no one at that number answer he or she can leave their name and number and expect a return call in the near future.

As stated earlier, 5,000 square feet makes for much space in this shop –  areas of wall providing open space for large and small artists alike.

The ultimate goal of Hippie World is to promote this specific form of expression to an audience that might not otherwise have access, J.E said.

A web page for the store is still being designed and should be up and running at some point next week, J.E said.

“Please call as soon as possible to get an interview to put your art in this venue,”  he said in his pandahi.com post. “This is a chance for all the unknown artist to have a chance to display their art. … This is a fantastic proponent for unknown artists to get their art out in the public! So don't delay and call today.”

Again, that store phone number is  936-369-4117.

Get yourself a 'Taste' of Jacksonville

From the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce: Don't forget to stop the Chamber office at 526 E. Commerce – inside the Norman Activity Center – to purchase your 15th-annual Taste of Jacksonville tickets.

It cost $10 for adults and $5 for children.

This amazing event takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. on Homecoming night Sept. 13.

A beard contest will tickle the fancy of local residents

The Rusk Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a – beard-growing contest.

“We are going to give this a try and hope that that the men in this community will respond,” according to a Rusk Chamber Facebook post from Claudia Sanders Florian. “Beard-growing contests are usually friendly competitions in small towns like Rusk. The Chamber knows that in October most men do grow beards for the winter. Some do it for hunting season, others for Santa Claus and others just because their sweetheart likes to see their man in a nice beard. The theme of this event is  'May the Best BEARD WIN!'”

This contest will be part of the Oct. 17 - 19 Hollow Festival, 555 Euclid Street in Rusk.

The three judges will be “local movie star,” Kay Epperson, Wally Walker and Stephanie Caveness, according to the post. Beard contestants will be judged on longest, thickest, most original and best effort.

Grand prize? A “Deer Feeder” donated by Austin Young State Farm.

There is no charge and no entry form to fill out. Show up at  Rusk Chamber of Commerce’s “Hollow Fest” located at the Rusk Civic Center, 555 Euclid Street, Rusk, Texas at 1 p.m., Main Stage, Oct. 19.

“Typically, beard-growing contests are fun events with laughter and camaraderie,” Florian wrote. “I hope that the men of our community will join in on this contest and have some fun. The best thing that could happen is taking home a FREE deer feeder.”

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