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September 16, 2013

Business Confidential: ‘Hippie World’ provides an unheard-of concert venue for our fair metropolis

JACKSONVILLE — It's probably time to take another pass at the recently-opened Hippie World." In addition to its many wares, the shop offers phenomenal space for concerts.

Hippie World, 202 East Woodrow Street, is located next to the Holcomb candy company.

But the biggest perk I'm thinking of in particular right now, is an estimated 4,000 square feet of the store is titled “The Cosmic Church."

 The plan right now is to use it for “B.Y.O.B” music concerts on Friday nights.

Let's explore that last graf a little further: Four thousand square feet is a lot of concert space.

There are tons of goings-on in this town that could make use of that type of venue.

The ultimate goal of Hippie World is to promote this specific form of expression to an audience that might not otherwise have access, J.E said.

It's definitely worth a gander. Think of the possibilities!

That, of course, is in addition to the fantastic tie-dye shirts and skirts, African beads and eclectic art items available at the store.

All designed for customers of all ages – women and men, adults,  and children alike.

Anyone interested is invited to call J.E. 936-369-4117. Should no one at that number answer he or she can leave their name and number and expect a return call in the near future.

The 5,000 square feet available makes for much space in this shop – areas of wall providing open space for large and small artists alike.


Rusk Chamber: Time to get your beard on

Yes, the Rusk Chamber of Commerce still is sponsoring a beard-growing contest.

These friendly competitions come in October when men are known to grow beards for the winter – or, perhaps, hunting season. Maybe even for Santy Claus.

The theme of this event is  “May the Best BEARD WIN!”

This contest will be part of the Oct. 17 - 19 Hollow Festival, 555 Euclid Street in Rusk.

Beard contestants will be judged on longest, thickest, most original and best effort.

Grand prize? A “Deer Feeder” donated by Austin Young State Farm.

There is no charge and no entry form to fill out. Show up at  Rusk Chamber of Commerce’s “Hollow Fest” located at the Rusk Civic Center, 555 Euclid Street, Rusk, Texas at 1 p.m., Main Stage, Oct. 19.

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