Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

July 8, 2013

BUSINESS COMMENTARY: Sublime snow cone experience converts grumpy reporter into avid Super Sno fan

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Imagine living in a universe in which every bit of liquid summer refreshment consumed was for the first time. And each delicious, chilled drink tasted better than anything that came before.

Nearly anyone with a human soul can remember their first frozen drink consumed as a child — be it a Slurpee, or Icee, or Orange Julius or whatever.

Remember how that drink tasted, folks? The ice texture? The inevitable brain freeze?

Amazing, no?

Unfortunately, for many of us, those delicious treats of yesteryear are now few and far between. They have lost most of their luster over time: Quarter Pounders no longer rock the taste buds. Dr. Peppers have lost much of their transformative effect. Dominos pizza, Taco Bell, Burger King onion rings. Just … blah.

So when one discovers a taste delight so reminiscent of the things adored as a child, it's important to grab hold of it and hang on for dear life.

I, therefore, wholeheartedly recommend parking your caboose by the “Super Sno” stand in the Greenhouse Mall parking lot in the 500 block of East Rusk and sampling their way-cool product.

They refer to them as “Fancy Shaved Ice” but let's call them what they actually are: snazzy snowcones.

All simple syrups used in their preparation are made by hand with pure cane sugar. There is no high fructose corn syrup. Servings are gluten-free.

This visionary stand opened June 1, and has attracted an impressive amount of traffic. (Including ME!)

My first day at the snow cone stand came after my recent hip surgery. I was loathe to stand in the hot sun — even for a sweet snow cone treat. But I'm truly glad I did.

I had been through a long day at work when I stopped by the stand. I was parched at the time, to say the least. I was thinking I needed to drink some water before starting in on the extra large cherry snow cone in  a cup that I bought.

But I needn't have worried. The icy goodness and pure cherry-copia of the drink flooded my taste buds, negating any need for water and bringing back memories of a time when a well placed brain freeze — such as this one — could carry one's worries completely away.

Just to make sure this wasn't a fluke, I went back and purchased the same drink a few days later. It had the same effect. No strange chemical aftertaste. Just amazing shaved ice and the mental image of being    underneath a waterfall of pure cherry goodness.

The first and second time I tried it, this extra-large snow cone in a cup assuaged my overwhelming thirst, then saturated my taste buds with crunchy ice and cherry flavor. By the time I finished this drink the very first time,  my “grumpy overheated guy” demeanor had changed. I was now “giddy snow cone fan guy.”

Business owner Whitney Graham Carter and her husband, Foster Carter, specifically brainstormed this product to embody pure summer fun. And they have truly succeeded.

 In Whitney Carter's words, “We wanted a place where everyone can come and feel like a kid again.”

Mission accomplished.

How do they do it? From all appearances, with their very basic ingredients, an efficient staff, and an excellent central location.

Costs range from $1 for an 8 ounce serving; $2 for 12 ounces, $3 for 16 ounces; $4 for 20 ounces and $5 for 32 ounces. There is no extra charge for any two flavors, and additional topics are 50 cents.

Questions or inquiries can be directed to 903-721-1542.

“Gosh, Ben, are you dedicating an entire column's worth of space to sing the praises only one snow cone stand?”