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July 2, 2011

Let freedom ring

JACKSONVILLE — As we approach July 4th in these United States many things happen. Days off work are planned and parties are planned. It seems we as Americans just look for a way to celebrate and at the suggestion of a holiday the plans begin. It really doesn’t seem to matter if we understand the holiday or not, if it says holiday we celebrate one way or another. That’s good, I guess. It says to the world we are free and are free-spirited.

It’s sad to say the world at large will never have their day of Freedom to celebrate.

As Americans we need not take this special day for granted. Whether you are American by birth or by choice, you should know this Freedom cost a lot. It didn’t come free, as suggested by those who fight the cause of freedom so much but yet enjoy it so greatly.

In order to burn a flag, protest an idea or action or even state your opinon you must live in a free country or it costs your life. It’s strange how those who oppose freedom the strongest enjoy the benefits of it the most.

I took the opportunity to look up the word freedom (independence) in the dictionary and to my surprise it simply said, “Not subject to the will of others;” unconfined. I’m not sure what I thought it would say. I just was surprised at what it did say.

As we look at our Independence Day, July 4th 1776 was the day the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence of these United States in Philadelphia, declaring freedom. When read for the first time in public four days later on July 8 bells rang, bands played and shouting could be heard everywhere.

A true celebration took place for they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt they were free and more importantly, those folks really understood the word Freedom for they and those like them had paid a dear price for it.

I believe with all my heart not one person alive at that time took their freedom for granted. Many of those same folks could remember what it was like Not to be free and just how precious the word free could mean when going to bed at night.

Yes the cost was high, no not in a dollar sense of the word but a much higher price and that was their own blood, sweat and many tears. Some lost entire families and down through the years many others have lost loved ones in order to keep what was won and declared on those sheets of parchment in 1776.

I enjoy watching the old World War II movies as well as movies about Vietnam, in other words about the military and no I haven’t been there but many of my family have been and most came home.

Every time without exception as I sit enjoying a Hollywood version of that serious time in history I stop and consider the men and women who paid the price for me to sit in my den and be entertained. At some point, seriousness comes over me and I thank God for their willingness to serve for what they believed in, these United States. And despite the fact anyone ever said ‘thank you’ they would still have given their lives for this country.

My friend this country has its problems and has its obstacles to overcome but in this person’s mind it’s still the best country in the world. Yes, it is worth fighting for; it’s worth praying for.

For all Americans everywhere every day should be Independence Day, for we live in a country that when in trouble rallies together, crosses denominational lines, crosses race lines, crosses culture lines and stands together united as one and walks out on the battlefield together with one heart and one mindset saying to the rest of the world, ‘We will not quit, we will not give up because it’s not over yet. Together we will win! No matter what the battle may be no matter the cost. We will pay the price for freedom to continue to ring in these United States.’

I say Thank You men and women of these United States for not giving up on your country and the people in it.

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