Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


January 18, 2014

Thankful for chivalry of strangers

JACKSONVILLE — From time to time, I remember to count my blessings, those moments of sweet grace knowing that The Big Guy always keeps an eye out for me by providing when I most need help.

And sometimes, it's a moment in the making, like on Thursday, when two young men in a white pickup headed toward Tyler saw me stranded on the roadside.

See, I was headed to the Progress offices, when the “Hey lady! You got low air in your tire!” sensor came on not long after I'd left home. I ignored it, figuring I'd be safe making the 18-mile drive to the tire shop in Jacksonville.

But things didn't work out like I had hoped: Instead, I got to a point just north of Love's Lookout when the car started pulling because the tire was unravelling.

Okay, I'm familiar with how to change tire on a car, and do a fair job at it. Well … at least when I owned my Beetle I could do it, but this

was a different make car, and I was more than a little bit lost at how to go about it. But I put on my game face because I had somewhere to be in a short period of time, and I couldn't get a signal on my cellphone to call the cavalry (in this case, our sports editor, Jay Neal) or let my boss know what was

going on.

Gingerly, I removed the spare from the trunk, looking at the array of tools provided for changing tires. Unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with how this particular set was put together, so I was puzzled for several minutes trying to figure it out.

And that's when my God-sent assistance pulled up in a big old pickup.

Asking if they could help, I helplessly pointed to the tools, explaining I didn't know how these were supposed to work, feeling more than a little bit sheepish about that admission.

Quickly and quietly, these boys replaced the bad tire with the spare, then reminded me “it's a good tire, but you'll still need to replace it with a regular tire, because you're not supposed to drive on them for long periods of time.”

I didn't get their names, but I did tell them they were God-sent, and I hope they realize just how much their chivalry touched me.

I'm grateful to live in a place where kindness and caring are a part of the human fabric, and where it's as natural as breathing to give help when it's needed, even if it's not called for.

God love you and bless you two for helping out a damsel in distress, and for making what could have been a minor crisis into “nothing at all.”


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