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January 31, 2014

High school baseball returns to New Summerfield


One of several new games in town, the town of New Summerfield, that is, is high school baseball.

The Hornet diamond squad has been preparing feverishly for its return for the past week, as New Summerfield continues to get ready for its season opener on Feb. 25. (at Fruitvale).

Justin Willis will be serving as the Hornets' head coach this season.

Willis said that each and every practice, every at bat, every fielding drill, etc. is critical for his new club.

“Every student counts and every day counts as we (continue) to prepare for our first baseball game on Feb. 25 at Fruitvale,” Willis said.

Willis said that takes much more than a coach to launch a baseball program that everyone in the New Summerfield community can take pride in.

“From the start we have received a ton of support and I believe that just as that makes us one of the best school districts in East Texas, that support will also help make us a better baseball team, he said.

Willis said that two of the Hornets are highly regarded talents.

“Devin Abercrombie and Wesley Stewart have been named to Collegiate Baseball’s “Top Players to Watch for 2014” list.” Willis said. “Both of these players have a lot of potential, but there's no pressure on any one individual because baseball is a team sport.”

Speaking of the team concept, Willis said one thing that has stood out with this Hornet team is its cohesiveness.

“Team chemistry is very important at this phase of building the baseball program,” he said. “I really like the way our guys are working together as a team and how they are supporting one another.”

New Summerfield will play a junior varsity schedule this season as the team transitions to play as a varsity unit beginning in 2015.

Following the season opener, the Hornets will play in the Chireno Tournament on Feb. 27- Mar.1.

Other teams on the Hornets' schedule include Corsicana Agape, Leverett's Chapel, Neches, King's Academy, and T.K. Gorman.




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