Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

August 22, 2013

For Troup success starts on Walsworth-anchored offensive line

Jay Neal
Jacksonville Daily Progress


Just like comic book hero Batman has his crime fighting parter Robin, the cast of Troup High School skilled (and battle proven) players have a formidable group of road graders working in front of them to clear a path to success.

Anchoring the Tiger offensive line is right offensive guard Tristen Walsworth, a 6-foot-1, 270-pounder senior who says he and his fellow offensive lineman take their job very serious.

"We look at it like if we don't do our jobs correctly, then they (the skilled players) want be able to do their jobs and if that happens, then ultimately that means we want win football games," Walsworth said.

The Tiger big nasties have the responsibility of opening things up for quarterback Blake Lynch, a NCAA Division I prospect who already has received offers from Baylor and Mississippi State, and fleet-footed running backs like Marcus Kincade, Marcus Davis and D'Lous West.

At some schools the offensive linemen go unnoticed and often receive little praise for their efforts. Walsworth, a District 9-2A-I First Team pick last season, says that is not the case at Troup.

"Blake (Lynch) and all of our backs give a lot of credit to the offensive line and we really appreciate that," he saId.

 Walsworth emerged himself into a rigorous off-season training program that allowed him to add 20 pounds of muscle since the 2012 season came to a close last November.

Walsworth said that his accomplishments in the weight room have put him in a better physical and mental state this fall compared to where he was at the same point in time last year.

“This is it, this is my senior year and I wanted to do everything I could to be the best that I could be and not hold back on anything,” he said. “My training has made me stronger and more fit than last year and hopefully that will help me do my job better.”

Walsworth was quick to point out that it takes more than just one or two guys preforming at a high level to make up a solid offensive line.

“Being a unit and having everyone work together is the key,” he said. “Every man has to be willing to work hard and to fight out there so that as a group we can be successful.”

Troup posted a 9-1 regular season record last season,but had its season end early when East Chambers knocked off the Tigers in the opening round of the state Class 2A-I playoffs.

Walsworth said that it is a goal of his and the team's to not have happen again this year.

“We want to improve and get better, that's the bottom line,” Walsworth said. “We were not happy about getting beat out in the first round of the playoffs and we want to be able to play longer this year and do better than we did last year.”