Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

November 14, 2012

Brother buys his deceased sibling’s service weapon from Cherokee County as tribute

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

RUSK — Frank Lindsey, a Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department lieutenant, never really recovered from the March car crash injuries that led to fatal surgery complications last month.

But George Lindsey is determined to make sure his late brother's memory lives on for his family. On Tuesday, Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell convinced commissioners to allow the sale of the deceased lawman's .40 caliber Glock to him for $477.

It was a gesture Brenda Jones, former president and treasurer of the Jacksonville Riders Club, believes Frank Lindsey, a member, would have appreciated.

"Frank was a country boy, but first and foremost a lawman," Jones said. "If you needed backup, he was always the one you wanted to see."

George Lindsey was not in court when the sale was authorized, but intends to complete the purchase later, the sheriff said.

Commissioners had to authorize the sale because the Glock is county property.  

The sheriff explained George Lindsey requested he be allowed to purchase his brother's weapon for sentimental value and for his family. As far as Campbell knows, this is the first time such a transaction has ever taken place.

Given Frank Lindsey's strong character, the sheriff said he can certainly understand why his family would want the weapon.

"Frank was very dependable," the sheriff said. "He was a very good person. He enjoyed life and people enjoyed life around him."

The accident that caused the injuries that eventually took Frank Lindsey's life happened about 7 a.m.  March 20.

Lindsey hit a patch of water and hydroplaned off the road into a patch of trees, which nearly sliced the vehicle in half.

The Cherokee County accident took place 10 miles west of Rusk.

Lindsey, 57, was able to climb to his feet after the wreck and seemed for a time like he was going to be able to shake the injuries off, according to reports.

But that didn't happen. Lindsey died Oct. 8 after two surgeries.

"He had shoulder and knee surgery from the accident," Jones said. "He came home one day and passed away from all of that. The final thing was a blood clot."

Honestly, Lindsey didn't really understand the extent of his injuries, Jones said.

"He thought, 'I got out of it,' but he was hurt a lot more than he thought," she said. "Really, he was lucky to have lived as long as he did after that accident."

In addition to the Jacksonville Riders Club, Lindsey was a member of the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club.

He was a big fan of his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Other members of the family, including George Lindsey, could not be reached Tuesday to comment.

Frank Lindsey had two children.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Judy.