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June 6, 2014

Old Palestine Baptist celebrates 170 years

ALTO — Old Palestine Baptist Church will celebrate it’s 170 years of continual service June 6th thru June 8th, by having an old fashion revival.

Old Palestine Baptist Church is the second oldest church in Texas as it was started in 1844.

“This church has begun even before the state of Texas was a state,” Pastor Edwin Findley said. “Just think that we can worship from the same location as our great, great, great grandparents.”

The celebration will began Friday night at 7 pm with Rev. James Palmer, the Pastor of East Side Baptist Church of Rusk being the key note speaker.  Brother Palmer was licensed by Old Palestine as a Pastor.  He now is the Pastor of fastest growing churches in Rusk.  

“We are looking forward to hearing Brother Palmer,” Pastor Findley said. “He is a great pastor and great preacher who got his roots right here in these pews.” Palmer will also finish up Saturday night service as he another great sermon at seven.

Brother Billy Cranford of Crusades for Christ will be leading the music all week end.

“If you have not heard Billy sing your will be bless by music,” Findley added “And his testimony will bless you as you can see what God has done with a useful servant.”  Cranford has sung for the last two years in at least ten crusades.  His most exciting experience was to see just last week 31 people come to knowledge of Jesus Christ and be baptized in his prison ministry.  “I have preached as he has sung” Findley said “every time I have seen God’s mighty had move.  We are very lucky to have him come and bless us with his spirit and love for the Savior.”

Saturday the revival services will start at noon with a BQ lunch which will include hot dogs, hamburgers and all the trimmings.   After the fellowship and food the praising and preaching will begin.  At 1:00pm, Rev. Gary Pridmore pastor of First Baptist Church of Alto will preach.  “First Baptist Church Alto was started as a mission from Old Palestine Baptist Church, many years ago.”  Findley stated “Now they are running about three times what we are running it is great to see a mission doing so great “, Findley said with a smile on his face.   “Brother Gary is a great speaking, but most of all his love for the Lord is shown in his daily living.”

Billy Cranford and friends with hold a min-concert at 2:00pm.

Rev. Lee Welch, association missionary of the Dogwood Association will preach at 3:00pm.  “Brother Welch, pastored FBC of Rusk for several years before he began association missionary, he knows how to preach.” Findley added “His preaching will inspire everyone within his voice.  God has used down to earth preaching to reach the lost and to revival the staring.”  Old Palestine Baptist Church is one the oldest and longest members of the Dogwood association.

Old fashion guitar picking Glenn Harris will give a min- concert at 4:00pm.  “Glenn is saved and serving while singing the old fashion songs.” Findley said “Glenn has his own style of singing, and he is sings to his Savior.  We will be blessed just by listening to him as he sings to his master. “

Rev.  Bobby King will be preaching at 5:00pm.  Brother King has pastor several East Texas churches.  “Brother Bobby will bless you” Pastor Findley said “He may be in his 80’s but he preaches like he is in his 20’s.  His sermon are as strong as a 20 year old, but his wisdom and quote of scriptures is like no other preacher I have every heard.”

Ricky Allen will be given his testimony and min-concert at 6:00pm.  “Ricky is from the streets to serving the Savior.” Pastor Findley said “He will bless you to hear how God is working in his life as he serves the homeless and he sings to the Saved. “

Rev. James Palmer will conclude the night with a inspiring message at 7:00pm.

Sunday will conclude the celebration by Sunday School at 10:00pm and Current pastor Edwin Findley preaching at 11:00 and then old fashion dinner on the ground will follow.

Findley invites everyone to this great celebration.  Old Palestine Baptist Church is located on FM 2610, five miles east of Alto on Hwy 21 behind the Old Palestine Cemetery.


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