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June 12, 2014

Saluting the red, white and blue

J’ville couple use house to display patriotism

JACKSONVILLE — Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave -- it most definitely does at Richard and Regina Simmons' house.

The Jacksonville couple, inspired by photos she saw on a popular social media website, recently had their two-story, barn style home painted to resemble an American flag on two sides. The Texas state flag adorns the back of the house.

"We've had so many people just stop, dead in the road, and take pictures of the house," Regina Simmons said with a laugh. "Everybody thinks it's awesome! We even had a lady stop and ask us just a few days ago if she could get some pictures of her granddaughter in front of the house. The girl was all dressed up in a red, white and blue dance costume -- she really looked adorable in front of the house!"

Richard Simmons joked, "We tell people, when they come out, just look for the flag. Then they come around that last bend in the road and it's just like, WHOA!"

Shaun McAnally, owner of McAnally Painting in Jacksonville, did all the design and painting, which took about 12 days and 21 gallons of white, 10 gallons of red and five gallons of blue paint to finish.

"He did a great job and was so fast, we couldn't believe it," Richard Simmons said.

McAnally said the trickiest part of the job was the stripes.

"The house isn't the same level all the way across, so I had to calculate how wide each stripe needed to be to look balanced," he said. "But I'm most proud of how the 8-foot by 16-foot flag on the end of the house came out. I didn't want to just paint it on the (vertical) siding -- it wouldn't have looked right. So I came up with painting the red planks and mounting them to the wall. It's easier to maintain and gives it a cool 2D effect."

Richard Simmons said Mark Bolton fabricated all the powder-coated metal stars, which are white to properly contrast with their royal blue background.

The Simmons began building their home in 1990 and moved in, in 1992. The couple raised four boys and numerous foster children -- and Regina said, as the family grew, so did the house. Two of the couple's sons are currently serving in the military.

"After seeing photos of other houses, I fell in love with the red, white and blue theme and I thought our house would look really cool as a flag! And it does look great!"

The Simmons' home is located along Cherokee County Road 1513, just off U.S. Highway 69 North at Guinn's Plant Farm.


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