Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

October 26, 2012

Hundreds turn out for viewing

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Throngs of people, many in tears, showed up in waves at Community Funeral Home on North Main Street Thursday to view the body of Stacy Dewayne Hunter – a highly-respected community figure slain during an early Saturday robbery.

"Stacy!" a cousin of the victim's, Charlyn Mosley, exclaimed in tears several times. She cried uncontrollably as she viewed Hunter's body. Her mother and another cousin of Hunter's, Derrrick Holman, tried to console her.

The 43-year-old victim was surrounded by flowers and dressed for the viewing in his favorite city cap, a white shirt, a black and white tie, black pants and and black shoes. On display in the lobby were photos of Hunter and his family, including his three daughters.

Over 200 people viewed Hunter's body as of noon Thursday.

That number was expected to keeping growing until the end of the day. Funeral director A.J. Rhodes and funeral home assistant Kevin Bryant said they expected quite a few more people.

"I have never seen as steady of a flow of people as I have today," Rhodes said. "They have been coming and going."

Bryant said he also expected to see people continue coming in all day long.

Hunter  had been an important member of the city's code enforcement team for nearly two decades, working for many years as a truck driver for the sanitation department, then later as the City’s recreation superintendent and most recently as a code enforcement officer.

He also coached youth athletics and many other community activities involving children.

 He was beloved by friends and family alike.

At the viewing, Sheila Johnson – mother of Charlyn Mosley and Hunter's cousin – said Hunter will be buried in the same cemetery as her brother Marvin Mosley, who died of an illness in September. She said interment will take place Pine Grove Cemetery.

"With my brother so recently and now Stacy, you can see how hard this is for us," said Johnson, who also works at the funeral home.

Hunter's funeral, meanwhile, will be at 11 a.m. today, Friday, at Central Baptist Church, 1909 East Rusk Street. As many as 700 people can be seated and possibly more if the crowds are larger than expected. Those with questions about seating can call the church at 903-586-2215, officials said.

Hunter is believed to have been shot to death by a distant relative, Jimmy Deshawn Mosley, early Saturday morning at “Stacy’s” on North Jackson Street.

Jacksonville Police Det. Sgt. Daniel Franklin said Stacy's was packed the night of the shooting. Officers had to drive through the parking lot several times to make sure there was no trouble, he said.

Jimmy Mosley had a fight with two other people at Stacy's that night that was broken up by Hunter, Franklin said. Hunter then confiscated a gun from Mosley, although he allowed him to stay at the club because he wasn't the one who started that earlier altercation.

Later, Mosley produced a second gun while he, Hunter and another witness were in the same room.  Hunter tried to disarm him and the two got into a struggle, during which Hunter was shot at least once, Franklin said.

The other witness fled but heard another shot come from the other room as he was fleeing, according to reports.

Authorities later found Hunter's wallet on the floor.

It was unclear if money was stolen from the wallet, from Hunter's front door take, or both.

"We don't know where he got it, but it is suspected this was the money in his pocket," Franklin said. Police would not specify how much money was found on Mosley.

Mosley, 24, turned himself into police in connection with the crime hours later. He was arrested and charged with capital murder, which is punishable by death or life in prison, depending on which punishment the District Attorney intends to pursue.

Mosley remained in custody Thursday in lieu of $250,000 bail, jail records show.

As far as any previous incidents that may have taken place to Stacy's over the years, the detective sergeant said Hunter only reported property damage-related incidents to the police, he said.

"He would tell us if things got out of hand, but mostly with assaults he would keep them to himself," Franklin said.

Going back in police reports as far back as 2006, there were scattered incidents of club fights, parking lot fights and shots fired in that general parking lot area. But for the most part no one was seriously injured, Franklin said.

In Jan. 2008, a patron was shot in the parking lot although the wound was not life-threatening. A suspect was arrested and charged with assault in connection with that crime, according to reports.