Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


April 25, 2013

Transcript of the interview with Death Row inmate Richard Cobb

LIVINGSTON — Following is a transcript containing most of the roughly 30-minute interview Jacksonville Daily Progress reporter conducted with Death Row inmate Richard Cobb March 6 at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, a facility that holds nearly 3,000 inmates.

There were a few additional minutes of interview after the tape recorder had reached capacity:

• Cobb related that he had been disciplined for somehow sneaking a cellular phone into his cell.

• Cobb said he was adopted and had just came into contact with his birth mother around the time his execution date was announced. At the time of the interview the birth mother had recently fallen out of contact with Cobb.

• Cobb initially canceled the interview but changed his mind before the reporter left the Death Row facility. He later told the reporter it was because he woke up in a bad mood.

• Cobb was skittish about discussing specifics about the case, so the reporter was forced to tip-toe around certain subjects and ask several generic "how are you doing?" questions.


TINSLEY: Okay. We're talking to Richard Cobb. He's here on Death Row and basically I wanted to, I guess, ask you first off, Richard, if you had, you've been in here ten years, correct? If you had anything you really want to say, anything up front on your mind. About the case, about life, about anything.

COBB: No, nothing. No nothing, especially.

TINSLEY: Ten years ago is a lot of appeals. I was wondering if you would mind walking me through what happened, from your perspective.

COBB: I'm not going to go into anything about the crime itself.

TINSLEY: I gotcha. Do you have any last appeals prepared?

COBB: No, not really. You know, we've shooting and trying, you know, to get. There's nothing, As far as formal appeals go, its exhausted. Just some kind of last-ditch thing at the last minute. What you're formally given is all exhausted.

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