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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Richard McLaren




You can find that definition of the people under Texas Number 1810935. Having been created as a national group, as an independent nation, on march 2 1836. I was involved in an initiative in order to resolve certain issues of ultimate sovereignty involving the peoples rights, regaining their lost rights and liberty. We started out Jeff Davis County in 1994.


We went through the procedures that are dictated both under Texas law and international law, reestablished a provisional government out of what we can now prove is a military occupation of texas that evolved out of the reconstruction acts of the north of the 1860s which are still in effect and were applied and used against us at the military siege.

Q: The one in …?

A: Fort Davis. Fort Davis, yes. Which was military armed conflict. There was U.S. Armed Forces involved. And remember, a lot of the members guarding the embassy were Texas armed forces. I'm a civilian under military law but they treat me like I'm a military commander because I'm the civil commander of the embassy over the military guard just like a us embassy would be.

Q: I heard you refer to yourself as prisoner number something …

A: Yes, yes,. Since I was scattered on a battlefield involved in an armed conflict by law I'm a prisoner of war. Unfortunately for 16 years I've been trying to get the courts, we filed from the very beginning our demand for a hearing on our status. Which now the supreme court has ruled on three occasions they have to give us the hearing.

They've refused to give us a hearing. the federal courts have denied us right to habeas corpus relief. They have issued an administrative order 1998 denying anyone who claims to be a Texas any rights in the untied sates courts and a loft people don't know this has been going on and oh and on..The case that morals brought against us in 1996 is still going on also.

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