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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Richard McLaren




People need to get down there and check the current filings on that case because the attorney general doesn't want it known that case has never been resolved. None of the cases have been resolved because we have been politically prosecuted.

In other words, once you commit a belligerent act of war, you'r sunder the laws of war. That means they have to have a hearing on our status and once they determine our status if we committed a violation of the laws of war armed conflict, then they try us for war crime.


This is what the Supreme Court ruled, this is what the law of war ruled and yet they refuse to give us a hearing goon our status. We have gone to the state legislature, taken the whole issue, thats a current filing march 7, 2013 in that case and the state legislature deices they want to be really quiet about what's going on here.

This goes back to all the stuff that happens in 1861 . It still is in effect, it hasn't been resolved, and takes the whole case, the Alamo resolution which we presented to them back two years ago which they don't want to resolve, and the people need to find out what allis going on involving all this. We've also perfected a a revote of the 1861 Referendum, the process that's been filed and brought forward. They know they can cure it but they don't want to cure it.

Q: I'll be honest. I haven't talked to you since 1997 and it's like you're the same guy I met back in 1997. You're on the same, same wavelength.

A: Nothing has changed. Everything we said back in 1996 and 97 is the same thing we're saying today.

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