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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Richard McLaren


AMARILLO — Q: What I wanted to ask you about was, I'm sure as you know since you've been in here, there have been a lot of splinter groups that have identified themselves as the Republic of Texas and I was wondering what your take on them was.

A: As a matter of fact, I have the most current article, I keep track of everything. (Mentions the name of a San Antonio Newspaper). One of the splinter groups. Unfortunately, they couldn't defend themselves in a court of law if they had to. Some of these people have been around since the very beginning, picked up some of it, unfortunately. But they still haven't figured it out. Everything is filed in that case in austin. The 97 counter pleadings that are in that case explain everything: The whole historical record, the United States and Texas then all the international law then is still in effect. Everything is still there.. But they don't understand they have go back and vote that referendum. This is what's the problem with the (unintelligible) maps. The referendum still stands by law.

They still in 1861 recovered the 1836 constitution when they threw out the illegal annexation. But the problem was the convention then took and put texas in the confederacy and they didn't have authority. This is where Houston was right. They had to revoke another referendum to put Texas in the confederacy. They never did that. So you have the convention exceeding its authority and we've laid in dormancy under these military occupational rules of lincoln which are still in effect. What brought the military in was the acts of Lincoln.

Q: I'm going to commend you for staying on message. I can tell you're still as focused as you were back then.

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