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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Richard McLaren


AMARILLO — A: It's in simple terms, THIS IS THE LARGEST SECOND AMENDMENT CASE IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Nobody wants anybody to know that. Because that's where we're at. We're half in and we're half out. We have to revoke that referendum in modern language. We didn't vote to be in the UN, the people of Texas have never voted, yet the people of Switzerland are allowed to vote on it. People of Scotland after 300 years are saying, 'Hey, we get the right to vote' and England says, 'You're right.' So they're fixing to possibly do away with the 300 year union that was legal. Our union was never legal.

Q: In some of those Splinter groups, one in particular, the president has gone on to leap up the media scale as it were and he gets on FOX shows. I'm just wondering from your perspective right now, it was a much different organization in terms of structure when you went in but now with all the splintering or alleged splintering. What is the current status? Not from the legal standpoint but from the existing standpoint.

A: Well, you have to understand, when we formed the provisional government, it's only an extension of what was left after the 1861 convention. What our laws provide for under the 1835 laws were in effect in 1997. You'll find that under article 16 section 18 of the current Texas constitution, which kept all the republic laws in force. What the problem is these people don't understand because of the time lapse, we have to go back. And that determination, the people of Texas are the republic. Not any government ,wearer its a state of Texas government, whether its our provisional thing t he law requires there has to be a revote, Because the territory was never ceded to the united states either in the agreement or by international law.

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