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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Richard McLaren



This is still republic territory sot he sovereignty vests in the people. its not the responsibility of the U.S. or the state of Texas sovereign or the U.S.. It's up to the people of texas to revote that referendum. and say yes we sustain it. The slavery clause, that stuff expires by common law, so it's up to the people. This is what we fought for to send it back tot he revote, From the very beginning, These people int eh splinter groups, they don't understand. They don't have the capacity to represent anyone anymore than Perry and the rest of them and until that revote is held and the people decided what they want. They can clean the annexation up with the vote.

Q: There are a LOT of people who identify themselves as being members of the Republic of Texas. One of them, I'll give you an example: Elizabeth Rohr, a doctor out of the Dallas Fort Worth area who are convicted of abusing horses under her care.


When she went in to court and they asked her to plead, she basically started talking like Dr. Seuss, and telling them she was a member of the Republic of Texas, using nonsensical defenses. When talking to her in person, she came across as a very, highly intelligent doctor. So my question is, is that becoming a tactic of people who might not actually be members of the Republic of Texas?

A: Here's the problem. You have the separation of law by common law. The Republic law adopted that there would be a criminal code of procedures. They threw out the common law, the state legislature did, (unintelligible ) of the Penal Code which is totally constitutional from the base law. That way, they are illegally holding me. Once I went into the process as a combatant under the laws of war, I'm no longer, I can't even be brought into a civil court.

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