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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Richard McLaren




Then , excuse me, who does he represent? Because thats where the ultimate sovereignty of the right of the people to decide what they want to do is vested.


Q: The group you were specifically ambassador of before the splinter groups started manifesting, that unified Republic of texas, does that group still exist? or is changed? Morphed into something else?

A: Yeah I'm glad toy asked that question. its very simple to explain it this way. The law of self determination in Texas law provides a really interesting path. When we wrote the powers and updated them we put a clause in there updating coalition.


Q: Their leader was a gentleman by the name Robert Fox.

A: I've heard of the name. It sounds like somebody who was involved with us. When we got started we had everything. From you know,, we had a black vice president, Hispanics involved, Tejanos involved, Asians involved, our movement had members of many race or religions. Everybody wants their liberty thing back. They don't want to be slayed by massive government.. Thats the problem. Everything is out of control.

Q: But you've heard of Robert Fox.

A: The name sounds really familiar.

Q: he has a lot of follows through that house of israel group. and actually is in a state jail right now serving what is a forgery of a document charge but he used to have a large beard.

A. (Thinks about it.) Yep. Yeah I remember him. he used to come to a lot of meetings. Like I said, a lot of the problem is people don;t seem to have any concept of what the concept of (unintelligible) between the two and they get mixed toy know. Yet these people what to start restoring their (unintelligible) They have to push this vote. That's what its all about.

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