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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Richard McLaren



Q: … Talking to you, you have specific answers. You have a specific plan in your head.

A: That's because I've spent, I've spent thousands and thousands of hours. I'v been through all the international courts with this stuff, I have UN filings sitting there the UN security council is sitting on it right now and don;t know what to do.

Q: A lot of the people who, you know, say 'I'm a member of the republic of texas and I embrace natural law'

A: They don't know what the republic is. Its not a bunch of old white men siting there with guns. It's all the inhabitants. Its all right there in law. …


Q: Some of them when they're in court being tried they give non sequitur answers. They talk in circles. They answer questions with a question. It's nothing like you do. It's basically just gibberish. And they portray it as what you're doing but it's not what you're doing because you generally have a point, The antics they use in court to clog courts up — its just confusing.

A: We got enough problems with our court, the corruption the stupidity.


Q: So you really think what's going on with the second amendment right now is going to generate ..?

A: That's what our case is about. The right of a free state and the militia to back it up. The militia being the people of Texas. it says right in our constitution all the people of texas have the rivet to bear arms and protect themselves in in the republic or state. Excuse me? We're all military conservators. We're all members of an unorganized militia. It's our obligation to protect our rights …


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