Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


December 3, 2013

Demolition of downtown building accelerates



Mo Raissi, Jacksonville city manager, said Monday he is encouraged these repairs are well underway.

"They're really clearing it up," Raissi said.

Moak, in a previous interview, said the repair work will be performed by qualified professionals who have licenses required for the job.

After city workers converted the outside of the building's husks into a less-dangerous, more manageable form to ensure the walls were safe and stable and didn't fall on anyone, the responsibility fell on the owners of the property to clean up and repair the insides of the structure.

But property owners Robert and Tina Lane didn't immediately step forward to take care of that end of the repairs, which upset some residents already concerned about the lingering eyesore.

Raissi said people can take heart that renovations are definitely moving forward.

"They already have been hauling stuff and working on the area for the past few weeks," he said.

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