Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


June 28, 2014

Pets and the Fourth of July

JACKSONVILLE — While fireworks, sparklers and poppers are exciting and fun for us they are often times terrifying for our furry friends.  Many animals go missing or are injured because they simply are so scared they will do anything to get away from the strange sounds, bright lights and odd smells.  Please think about the following tips for keeping your pets at home and safe during this holiday.

Leave your pets at home where they are safe and comfortable.  We know everyone wants to include their pets in the holiday festivities but you never know what will happen so leave them where you know they will feel safe.

Create a home sanctuary for your loved ones.  Put your pets in a central room in your home with limited or no access to outside windows and doors where an excited pet may harm themselves while trying to get out.  Make sure your pets have a

comfortable place to snuggle in and relax through all the excitement going on outside.  This is very important if you know your animal already has fears of thunder and lightning.  These animals can be extremely scared during this time.

If you have outside animals or you must let your animals out to use the bathroom make sure they are safely contained in an area were they can not get out.  Even if your pets are used to their yard or pen the panic can send an animal who never leaves the yard and never messes with the fence into problems.  Keep them on a leash or with you as much as possible and make sure that you repair any holes or weak spots in your fences.

Make sure your pets are wearing current identification tags and/or microchip and that it can be clearly seen by someone who may find your pet after it has gone missing.  Contact your local veterinarians and shelters immediately after you realize your pet has gone missing it may be the difference between finding your friend and not.

Also if you plan on traveling during this holiday.  Make sure you have made arrangements with whomever is watching your pets so they are aware of your pets needs through this time.  Since you will not be there to comfort them when they are scared it is even more important to take the right precautionary steps in protecting your pets from themselves.

In an effort to make sure as many pets make it back home as we can the Klein Animal Shelter will be offering $10 microchips throughout the rest of June.  Just stop by any time we are open and we will get you the microchip and national lifetime registration for your pet.  If your pet comes into a vet clinic or a shelter they can be identified by the microchip number and you can be contact that they have been found.  

This Fourth of July lets take a second and make sure that we think about our pets and make sure that they will also make it through this holiday happy and healthy.


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