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May 23, 2014

Robbery suspect pleads guilty

JACKSONVILLE — A man accused of committing four armed robberies in Jacksonville pleaded guilty to interfering with interstate commerce by robbery and possession of a firearm earlier this week.

Jonathan Roshard Brown, 22, of Jacksonville was involved in an October 2011 robbery at Wal-Mart in Jacksonville, as well as a November 2012 robbery at Razorback Grocery on US Hwy. 69.

In the store robbery, Brown reportedly used a handgun and demanded money and lottery tickets from owner

Louise Barnett.

Two weeks later, he and two others robbed the owner of Razorback Grocery at the drive-thru of Austin Bank, where Barnett was making a deposit. She was shot during the robbery, but she survived.

Brown and another person also attempted to rob Fast Fuel in Jacksonville in November 2012. However, the owner was able to flee.

On Tuesday, Barnett seemed relieved and content with the status of the case, according to an FBI official at the hearing.

Jacksonville Police Chief Reece Daniel said he was also “happy with the guilty plea.”

“The task force we belong to worked on this but it was mainly our detectives who put the case together with a lot of help from one FBI agent,” Daniel said. “We knew fairly quickly who had done the shooting but it took a few months to put the case together and gather the necessary evidence to prosecute it in federal court.”

Daniel said more than 30 “career criminals” have now been arrested, indicted and sentenced, and there are another 20 in federal custody for sentencing or trial.

“Unfortunately, as soon as we send one away there is another waiting to take his place but as aggressive as we have been in working with the FBI at some point even the most ignorant criminals will figure out that this is not the place they want to operate,” Daniel said.

Brown faces up to 20 years in federal prison for interfering with commerce by robbery and a minimum of 10 years in federal prison for the firearms violation.

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