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June 28, 2014

Chamber committee approves 3 resolutions

JACKSONVILLE — The Transportation Committee of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce this week approved three Resolutions in support of future transportation issues facing Jacksonville and Cherokee County.  These Resolutions were also presented to the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Board of Director who support the Resolutions.

The three Resolutions supported by the Chamber’s Transportation Committee and Board of Directors are:

1) A Resolution for a continuation of the Expansion of Highway 175.  As the traffic continues to increase the expansion will allow for substantial improvements in passenger safety and economic progress for Jacksonville and Cherokee County.

2) Resolution in Support of Constitutional Amendment for Increased State Funding for Transportation. On November 4, 2014 Texans will decide if they want to  make a critical investment in our state’s transportation system. Proposition 1 will ask Texans to invest in infrastructure while continuing to grow the balance of the state’s rainy day funding.  Funds deposited in the state highway fund will only be used to build additional capacity on our congested highways and preserve the system we have, however funds from Prop 1 cannot be used to build toll roads.  This money will be distributed across the state according to existing formulas so every part of Texas benefits.

3) Continuous support of the Highway 69 Wells Project.  The expansion of Highway 69 through Wells is a designated relief route that significantly will affect future traffic serving as a gateway between Houston and the Port of Houston to East Texas.

Kelly Traylor, Transportation Committee Chair noted, ‘The Transportation Division of the Jacksonville Chamber is working hard to keep project funding close to home by letting Texas Department of Transportation know there is support on the local level’.

Nathan Jones, Economic Development Division Chair stated, ‘I appreciate Kelly Traylor’s leadership chairing this committee and the invaluable service of the Transportation Committee members.  The support of these important resolutions are critical for continued funding and expansion of our East Texas highways.  Cherokee County is fortunate to have great representation in Austin with State Senator Robert Nichols and State Representative Travis Clardy whose hard work brings direct benefit to our citizens’ through improved highway infrastructure.  As the Texas economy and population continues to expand, Cherokee County will also be positioned to enjoy the benefits of future growth’.

Also serving on the Transportation Committee is Mayor C. W. Williams of Wells.  Mayor Williams stated, ‘Being involved with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee sharing the needs of the City of Wells has been beneficial to the City of Wells.  These needs of expansion and support from the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce shows regional support’.

Attending the Transportation Committee Meeting were Cherokee County Commissioner Kelly Traylor-Chairman, Nathan Jones-Economic Development Division Chair, Tam Nannen-Chairwoman Elect of the Board, and committee members:  Dr. Joe Wardell (Jacksonville ISD), Jack Traylor, Will Cole (City of Jacksonville), Glenn Green TxDOT), Jerri Jones of Rep. Travis Clardy’s office,  Clint Goff (Cherokee County Airport), Mayor Williams of Alto, Jeffrey Harmon (TxDOT) and Chamber staff members Kim Smith and Peggy Renfro.

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