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January 18, 2014

Childs announces candidacy for county court-at-law judge

CHEROKEE COUNTY — Daniel Boone Childs announces his candidacy for Judge of the Cherokee County Court-At-Law in the Republican primary, March 4th.  After several calls from supporting attorneys concerning the current scandal ridden court, Mr. Childs is determined to return ethical behavior, public trust, and judicial restraint to the Court-At-Law.  “Some judges today do not understand that legal restraint on government powers applies to courts and judges as well.”  Childs has been a litigating attorney for over 32 years, four years as your Court-At-Law Judge from 2003 through 2006 and the only former judge of that court without scandal.  

“I have had cases in courts from El Paso to Texarkana, from Galveston to Eastland. I have handled every type of litigation from Product Liability to Civil Rights, from traffic tickets to being awarded the largest civil judgment ever received in Cherokee County. That case was the first "take or pay" natural gas case to ever receive a judgment. The result was an article in the Wall Street Journal about me and the case (even though the local papers didn't even know that case was happening here).”  Mr. Childs' range of experience includes being a police officer and detective sergeant for 6 years; before that,

A sergeant in the Marine Corps for 6 years (one year of that as a squad leader and M-16 instructor in Viet Nam, also during Tet Offensive of '68).  He has been a Sunday School Teacher, a Boy Scout Adviser, and a Scout event coordinator for both Regional and National Jamborees.

“My wife (Glynda Jan Horn Childs) and I met in College 39 years ago. After graduating from Law School at Baylor, we moved to her home town, Jacksonville. We both loved the small town friendly environment of East Texas and recognized the best place to raise a family. I am very proud of the LOVE of my life, my wife and three daughters. Jan is a music teacher at East Side Elementary, played piano for First Baptist Church for 20 years, and is now the Organist at Central Baptist Church. My daughters (Heather, Holly and Hayley) are now long out of the nest and very successful. Heather graduated from Harvard and NYU Law School and is now an assistant U.S. Attorney. Holly is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, served in Afghanistan, and is now a Captain on the promotion list for Major later this year. Hayley attended both Jacksonville College (the youngest person ever to be admitted) and the University of North Texas. She is a Veterinary Technician in Dallas. All three daughters are married and Heather just had our first Grandchild. What a great Christmas Gift. Yes I said "Christmas". I am not afraid of the word, and being politically correct is one of the major things wrong with this country. Everyone should exercise FREE SPEECH. It is our hard fought RIGHT. I think everyone should also behave as a gentleman or lady, and not intentionally hurt the feelings of others. But these days some people pretend to have their feelings hurt just to silence those who may have different political views. That is an attack on FREE SPEECH.”

No other candidate has the wide range and years of experience necessary for this important public trust.   Your vote is necessary for the best, experienced, educated, restrained and ethical Court System.

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