Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


January 22, 2014

City urges candidates to adhere to sign ordinance

JACKSONVILLE — Political season is in full swing for the Republican primary election, set for March 4.

However, Jacksonville City Manager Mo Raissi wants to remind candidates that political signs are not yet allowed inside the city.

According to the zoning ordinance, political signs are not permitted until 30 days prior, which makes Feb. 2 the first day signs will be allowed.

"We'd appreciate it if they (candidates) would follow this ordinance," Raissi said. "Outside of the city, they can put them up anytime they want. There is not a county ordinance. This is just for inside the city."

Raissi said city workers have already taken down a few signs violating the ordinance. He said city officials keep the signs, call the candidate, and typically the signs are picked up.

Raissi said after the election, the ordinance also requires political signs to be taken down within 72 hours.

Ordinance rules state:

- No such signs shall be permitted in or on any public right-of-way.

- No such signs shall be larger than 32-square-feet or 4 feet by 8 feet in size.

- No such signs shall be constructed , erected or maintained more than 30 days prior to any election, and signs shall be removed no later than 72 hours after such election.

- Such signs shall comply with all provisions of this section.

- No such sign shall be permitted on either utility, telephone or existing traffic control sign posts.


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