Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


February 14, 2014

New rules in place for city trash pickup

JACKSONVILLE — A few new rules on city trash regulations were approved during the Tuesday night Jacksonville City Council meeting.

City residents will no longer be allowed to use trash stands at the pickup location, and all trash cans must be removed from the curb by 8 p.m. the day after trash is collected.

"It was an issue brought up last year by a citizen about beautification concerns," said Will Cole, director of public works.

Cole said a committee was formed to study the issue, and city staff came up with the amendments to Ordinance 1467.

"People just didn't take their trash cans back to the house," Cole said.

Another main change in the ordinance includes the use of plastic trash bags without a can,

Cole said.

"They can just set a bag of trash out, as long as it is thick enough so dogs can't tear it up, and we'll pick it up," Cole said.

Also, anyone using cans without handles or lids will be issued a notice. On April 1, residents not using the proper trash container will be furnished one by the city for $1 added onto each month's bill, Cole said.

Anyone with questions may contact Cole at (903) 589-3510

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