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September 27, 2013

Sister says Catherine Grove needs to stay with Church of Wells

'I think she will go crazy if she goes home.' -- Amy Grove



Always controlling, the Groves used a brain injury Amy suffered as an excuse to gain legal custody of her, she said. At one point, Amy added, she was so angry with her father she phoned 911 and threatened to do him bodily harm. There were no charges pressed against her as a result, she said.

“I was so mad at them for trying to get legal custody,” she said. “They were keeping me hostage out on the farm, not allowing me to work, not allowing me to have money … friends or phone calls.”

Catherine sought out the Church of Wells as a way of breaking free, according to Amy. Amy said she herself did the same by running away to a women's shelter, immersing herself in the Episcopal Church, and ultimately getting married only to escape her parents.

“I had to marry a man to protect myself,” Amy said. “ … My parents are scared of me. They want to hide me under a bed. I'm their little 'demon child.'”

In July, when Catherine left Arkansas to live with parishioners of the Church of Wells, the Groves followed her to the area, contacted the local media, and tried to persuade their daughter to come home.

As missionaries, the Groves were no stranger to fundraising, which they are also benefitting from in Wells currently.

All Catherine wants is some peace and relief from the stress imposed on her by their parents, her sister said.

Tuesday, Andy and Patty Grove dropped by the offices of the Jacksonville Daily Progress unexpectedly to discuss the coverage of their daughter's situation.

During the conversation, Andy and Patty Grove insisted no one contact Amy Grove, whom they contended is mentally disabled.

But Amy Grove called the paper of her own volition Wednesday evening and again Thursday morning. This call led to an interview, recorded at length on YouTube, starting with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiG2obg0k34.

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