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September 27, 2013

Sister says Catherine Grove needs to stay with Church of Wells

'I think she will go crazy if she goes home.' -- Amy Grove



The situation between the parents of Catherine Grove and the Church of Wells has been brewing for some time. Church of Wells elders also contend the parents are blowing everything out of proportion and spreading incorrect information about the church.

Amy, who says her parents have tried to gain legal custody of her by portraying her as a brain-injured person, believes her parents don't see her as an individual and insist on defining her by that label of “brain-injured.”

Amy contends that MRIs and brain scans from several hospitals show a perfectly normal brain. Amy said she now works as a licensed yoga instructor and is married to her “best friend.”

As far as Catherine is concerned, Amy said there was a disconnect in their upbringing — their parents' constant representation that their souls had been saved. This came into great conflict with the reality of their controlling behavior and unwillingness to allow even the smallest measure of freedom, Amy said.

“I think she sees how they are hypocritical, how they have treated me and how they have lied,” she said. “They lie. My parents lie all the time. … Now, I think my sister wants to be left alone.”

Wednesday, Catherine Grove swore an affidavit in Dallas County which is posted online on the Church of Wells website stating she is of sound mind and asking her parents to leave her alone.

“I affirm I desire not to be contacted or interrupted by immediate family, relatives, past friends, or anyone who would infringe upon my aforementioned rights, until I desire to make contact with them,” she said, continuing, “I affirm I am mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.”

Amy Grove said she loves her parents but believes they have gone overboard trying to get Catherine back. She said they are in serious danger of permanently destroying their relationship with her.

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