Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

August 8, 2013

Cherokee County woman rescues 4-year-old boy lost in rural neighborhood

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

CHEROKEE COUNTY — Sherry Bowens, 55, was working in the washroom of her home along County Road 3305 Thursday morning when — out of the corner of her eye— she caught a glimpse of a tiny little someone toddling along the sidewalk.

“I was closing that door when I saw this lost little baby boy all by himself — like he was running and looking back,” she said. “He had on shorts and a little blue shirt and sandals. He seemed so lonesome and he was crying. When I went to talk to him he said he was 4.”

Bowens said she was afraid to leave him next to the road near fast traffic so she brought him to the Jacksonville Police Department, Chief Reece Daniel said.

Once the child — whose name was not immediately available — was at the station, Police Department Det. Javier Guerra was able to talk to him and make some calls. The detective located a relative to come and retrieve the young man and take him home.

“The upshot was the child was returned safely,” the chief said. “The lady who brought him in deserves a real pat on the back. She was a super-nice woman.”

Guerra was out on assignment Thursday afternoon and not immediately available to comment on the case, the chief said.

Back after Bowens first spotted the 4-year-old walking by her home, she stopped the child and talked to him for some time. But ultimately, she couldn't figure out where he lived.

Bowens said she had never before seen the child in that rural area of the county. When she approached him, the child looked scared.

“I asked him where his mother was and he started crying,” Bowens said. “When he told me he was 4 all I could think of was my grandson and how people can be so mean. I didn't want him to be out there by himself. So I kept talking to the baby so he wouldn't cry. I told him, 'Miss Sherry is here to help get you home.'”