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November 19, 2012

Mayor: A Family Dollar is expected to locate in New Summerfield

Retailer could bring in much needed sales tax revenue

NEW SUMMERFIELD — It would appear a Family Dollar store is coming to town.

A spokesman for the 6,800-store chain could not immediately verify this development, but Mayor Jane Barrow confirmed Family Dollar will be building a store here — probably at the beginning of 2013.

A banner seen flying around town celebrates the development.

"We are really looking forward to having the store in our community," Barrow said in a recent email. "That is all I know."

A Family Dollar store locating in New Summerfield would be excellent news for the 4.7 square mile small town — population 1,116 —  the commerce of which currently is confined to two mini marts.  

Experts say there are many, many benefits a local Family Dollar could bring to a town like New Summerfield.

 In addition to the incoming sale-tax revenue it would provide, it could also create new jobs, a bigger presence for the town, and a steady, affordable venue for groceries and goods.

And the price would definitely be right. The majority of the goods there would cost around $1. This is good news for cash-strapped town residents looking for low-priced appliances, clothing and food.

Plus, folks wouldn't have to travel very far to get there.

Historically, Family Dollar business model consists of stocking popular products, keeping the stores uniformly stocked and designed, and. of course, good customer service, according to company literature listed on its website, http://corporate.familydollar.com.

The mayor said Family Dollar representatives have conducted a study of the community as part of their due diligence.

However, a Dollar representative said the decision to locate in town is not showing up in the company system just yet.

"Unfortunately I don't have any information in my database regarding this store,"  Bryn R. Winburn, public relations manager for Family Dollar, said in an email. "Please feel free to check in with me in the next few weeks for an update."

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