Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


March 20, 2014

JC, crisis center join forces for safety training

CHEROKEE COUNTY — Jacksonville College and the Crisis Center of Anderson & Cherokee Counties have initiated a partnership to educate students and faculty on the issues of personal safety on campus, and the prevention of dating violence and sexual assault.

This partnership stemmed from a recent state-wide training for college and university law enforcement. The training, hosted by Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, focused on Title IX codes and The Clery Act and was attended by Jacksonville College Chief of Security, Michael Morse.

Title IX, or the School Safety Choice Option, is actually a state-wide policy which applies to public schools. However, the administration of Jacksonville College, a private college, is utilizing the guidelines of Title IX to ensure the best practices are met and in place for the security of all students. The Clery Act, named after Jeanne Ann Clery who was assaulted and murdered in a college dorm in 1986, stipulates that colleges are to collect, classify and report on-campus crime statistics, issue campus alerts and publish an annual security report.

“We are excited about partnering with Jacksonville College,” said Donald Hammock, Executive Director for the Crisis Center. “When it comes to the safety of the students, we want to make sure that we have all the safeguards in place to make the campus as secure as possible. Part of that measure is educating students on personal safety as a preventative measure.”

The Crisis Center will begin hosting workshops for students on healthy relationships, sexual harassment  and campus safety, as well as delivering workshops for staff on reporting and advocacy. They will also offer counseling to students who have been victimized by family violence, sexual assault or child abuse.

“We are also going to ‘paper’ the campus with information for students and staff on issues regarding personal safety,” said Mr. Hammock. “We will use dorm meetings, student gatherings, pamphlets, cards, posters, stickers, multi-media announcements, anything we can do to get our message out to these students.”

The challenge for Jacksonville College is that it is an open campus with neighborhood residents using the campus walkways in their daily travels. “We will continue to be alert, even more alert, to those that are on our campus,” said Mr. Morse. “We’ve done a good job so far, but our goal is to improve upon that record.”

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