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March 9, 2013

'I'm ready to die.'

LAST INTERVIEW: From Death Row, convicted capital murderer Richard Aaron Cobb of Cherokee County expresses remorse and disappointment for his crimes and his life.



The day of his interview, Cobb initially refused to speak to a reporter, then changed his mind, later explaining, “I woke up in a bad mood.”

Cobb said there's a lot he wishes he could have done before he was sent to Death Row.

“Looking back, I never really had a life,” Cobb said. “Whenever I thought I did, that got taken away from me. At the time same it (execution) will be somewhat of a relief. I won't be in prison anymore or in captivity in this repressive atmosphere.”

Elmer Beckworth, former Cherokee County District Attorney who prosecuted Cobb – Beckworth is now an Angelina County prosecutor – doesn't have a lot of sympathy for the man.

“The nature of his crime was horrible,” Beckworth said. “Kidnapping, aggravated robbery, sexual assault, shooting three people and leaving two of them for dead. Richard Cobb is extremely dangerous.”

The capital murder was committed by Cobb and his codefendant as part of a spree that included two other aggravated robberies during a two week period, the former DA said.

“The spree was in the past couple of weeks, but this had been going on for years,” Beckworth said.

Cobb contended in court that he killed Vandever, but Adams shot the two women. In his trial testimony, Cobb claimed he was afraid of the victims and had been coerced into committing the crime.

Despite Cobb's claims of manipulation on the part of Adams, he nonetheless became extremely violent with Cherokee County Sheriff's deputies and Jacksonville Police when they arrested him in Jacksonville, Beckworth said.

Beckworth said he hopes Cobb's execution will bring peace to his victims,

“Once it's complete, justice will be done in this case,” Beckworth said. “There is a lot of debate over the death penalty … but I think in Cobb's case, justice will definitely be served.”

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