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March 9, 2013

'I'm ready to die.'

LAST INTERVIEW: From Death Row, convicted capital murderer Richard Aaron Cobb of Cherokee County expresses remorse and disappointment for his crimes and his life.



Attempts to contact the father of the slain victim were not successful. But Donald Vandever, the father of the slain man, told the Associated Press after Adams' execution that it changes nothing.

“As far as I'm concerned, it was way too easy on him,” Donald Vendever told the AP.

Likewise, the two female victims, who are not being identified because of the sexual assault, could not be reached for comment.

One of them, who still has painful injuries from being shot, told the AP she granted Adams forgiveness.

“But he had to pay the consequences,” she said.

The woman's mother told the Associated Press an apology will never erase the damage.

“It's not going to fix the hole in her back,” she told the AP. The mother was referring to her daughter's wound from the shooting.

Meanwhile, Cobb said he waits for execution in his small cell on death row with very meager supplies – an AM/FM radio and any publications he can get his hands on. Since his execution date was set, he has received a flurry of letters.

Although Cobb has no last appeals prepared in his case, he said his attorney is trying for a stay.

Cobb remembered when he heard his co-defendant, more of a colleague than a close friend, had been executed.

“For me, this is rather sad, you know?” Cobb said. “Another person being killed, being executed by the state. Sort of a long-term, long-reaching effect of everything that happened. Generating waves of, you know, I guess violence. Long term.”

While in captivity, Cobb still has some decisions to make. He has to decide if he will allow his family to attend his execution. Texas Death Row does not offer its prisoners a “last meal” anymore.

“I kind of have a feeling I'm not going to be thinking about the food very much,” he said.

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