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March 9, 2013

'I'm ready to die.'

LAST INTERVIEW: From Death Row, convicted capital murderer Richard Aaron Cobb of Cherokee County expresses remorse and disappointment for his crimes and his life.



Adams, who was 19 when he and Cobb committed the crime, also expressed remorse to his victims as he was executed. Adams offered his love to his family and, like Cobb, asked those witnessing his execution to avoid letting any hate they had for him consume them.

Many readers who read about Adams' execution in the Huffington Post indicated they tire of morality statements expressed by killers just before they are executed.

“I hate when these criminals have the gall to try to lecture us about right and wrong,” one Huffington Post reader wrote. “We all already know killing is wrong, which is why it wasn't our a#@ strapped to the gurney.”





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