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January 7, 2013

Column: THE CAREER PLANNING ACADEMY: Before she died, hard-boiled educator Dr. Edith Marie "Mimi" Pewitt raised troubled young minds and transformed the lives of many Fort Worth ISD students



This student didn't really make any new friends at CPA, but Dr. Pewitt made sure he fit in safely and seamlessly and ultimately graduated without harassing anyone or being harassed.

It was while at CPA that I started really working on my writing. I wrote elaborate essays under the encouragement of my favorite CPA English teacher, Vivia Daniels.

I penned a one-act play for my drama class. I created poems for the literary magazine and news stories for the school paper.

At one point toward the end of my senior year, I made a decision to join the Texas Army National Guard immediately after graduation. My recruiter asked me to come by his office to sign some paperwork during a school day. I told Dr. Pewitt about it and she drove me to the National Guard armory herself.

Dr. Pewitt never, ever, gave up on me. I was behind on several subjects when I first came to her school, but she and my teachers worked with me regularly to make sure I would complete my classes and graduate on time in the spring of 1985.

The Career Planning Academy was known for its small graduations. Sometimes only one person would walk across the stage. Other times, a handful of students would cross the stage. My particular graduating class consisted of three. I'm pretty sure that made me valedictorian or salutatorian.

I was offered the opportunity to attend my home school graduation, which in this case was the aforementioned Paschal High School.

I thought about it, but ultimately opted to cross the stage only at CPA. As far as I was concerned, that was my school. My place. MY alma mater. Dr. Pewitt made the Career Planning Academy my school.

After graduation, I never saw Dr. Pewitt again. I tried to locate her late in 2012 to thank her for everything she had done for me. To my dismay, I learned she already passed away.

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