Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


January 7, 2013

Column: THE CAREER PLANNING ACADEMY: Before she died, hard-boiled educator Dr. Edith Marie "Mimi" Pewitt raised troubled young minds and transformed the lives of many Fort Worth ISD students



By reading her obituary, one might get the mistaken impression she only worked at Grapevine High School. But that is far from the truth.

I have not been able to determine how many years Dr. Pewitt was in charge at CPA, but I know for a fact it was long enough to change many, many lives.

Dr. Pewitt deserves so much more than to fade into obscurity following a small obituary. She deserves to have scholarships named after her. She deserves candlelight vigils held by her former students. Tears should be shed and the lessons she taught should be recounted.

There are quite a few alumni out there right now on the straight and narrow who might not have been so if not for this dogged, tenacious, educator — students she took under her wing after they found their way to her tiny little school off I-30.


Ben Tinsley, CPA Class of '85, has been a journalist over 20 years. He is a reporter for the Jacksonville Daily Progress.


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