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October 11, 2013

Travis Clardy files for re-election

The freshman state representative pledges to remain the voice of his constituents



In other media interviews, Clardy has announced he intends to continue his focus on infrastructure and education.

During a subsequent question and answer session Friday, Clardy addressed the elephant in the room, as it were — the situation that began Oct. 1, when the U.S. federal government literarily shut down, forcing furloughs of 800,000 federal workers and suspension of many, many services.

"Sometimes it takes being on the courthouse steps to get a deal done," Clardy, 51, said. "Sometimes it doesn't make sense to say things should be this way. … 'We could have done this last month or two months ago but human nature for whatever reason has us put things off.' … I have to believe reasonable people will come to a solution for the shutdown issue."

Clardy mentioned his August town hall meeting also held at the Norman Activity Center, during which he told constituents about the two recent legislative sessions held in close proximity to one another as well as the tumultuous and controversial passage of Texas Senate Bill 5, which added and updated abortion regulations in Texas.

"We had good sessions — strong sessions," he said Friday.

Clardy's presentation was introduced by Nathan Jones, Austin Bank's regional president.

Jones said Clardy's dedication to the duties of his elected position greatly appeals to the work ethic of hard charging East Texans.

"He has our issues in mind — things like education, jobs, Rusk State Hospital, property rights and fiscal responsibility," Jones said. "I think we're getting our money's worth with Rep. Clardy."


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