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September 10, 2013

Law Enforcement: Church of Wells parishioners have not broken any laws in regard to an Arkansas woman whose parents have accused them of holding her in thrall

However, baby death remains under investigation.



Patty Grove unequivocally denied that anyone in their family is, or ever has been, involved in anything Satanic.

"We have nothing to hide," Patty Grove said repeatedly. "Catherine has nothing to hide."

Sean Morris repeated his allegation from a previous email— that Patty and Andy Grove continually oversimplify this situation to portray church members as something they are not: members of a cult.

“All the while they cover up that one of their daughters is a practicing witch, shaman, satanist, etc. who is married to a man who is a male witch,” Sean Morris said. “ … The Groves are deceiving the town, and the town needs to hear about this. They will not believe it unless they see it themselves.”

Capt. Raffield said he worries any further questioning of Church of Wells members or Catherine Grove without concrete justification might just encroach constitutional rights.

"We have tiptoed right up to the line of violating constitutional rights and might go over it if we continue," the captain said. " … Now, if we see her walking down the street with black eyes and a broken leg we will definitely do a welfare check. But there comes a point where this literally becomes harassment and can't continue to do that … This isn't a thin line — it's a pretty broad line of where law enforcement can and can't go."

Legally, the church has complained about the behavior of the parents at least once. Representatives of a store in Wells that is owned by the church called authorities for help at one point when the parents are alleged to have trespassed there, Raffield said.

Patty Grove acknowledged there were criminal trespass charges of some sort and vowed that she and her husband are "not going to go to jail or prison" as a result.

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